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Manufacturing facilities often generate excessive energy waste. Cut energy costs, improve your operational performance and enhance employee comfort with these tips.

Savings Opportunities: Peak Demand Management

Discover ways to maximize energy savings and manage demand. An improved building environment can also increase productivity, safety and employee health.

Time of Use
  • Shift process equipment use to non-peak periods.
  • Charge forklift batteries during off-peak hours.
  • Use an energy management system to coordinate load shedding from one central location.
Energy Intensity
  • Replace legacy lighting with LED lighting.
  • Upgrade motors to NEMA Premium level.
  • Use high-volume low-speed fans to supplement air conditioning during peak periods.

Ready to lower energy costs and reduce your environmental impact? Check out these quick tips to improve efficiency in each area of your manufacturing facility:

  • Upgrade to NEMA Premium motors.
  • Use variable-frequency drives (VFDs) for variable torques loads (moving air and liquids).
  • Replace legacy motors with inverter-rated motors when using VFD controls.
  • Right-size motors to maximize efficiency and improve power factor.
  • Keep voltage imbalance at less than 3% for three-phase motors.
  • Use AC synchronous permanent magnet motors for best efficiency.
Compressed Air
  • Identify and fix leaks.
  • Stop using compressed air for cooling or moving products.
  • Use VFD controls for trim units in conjunction with full-capacity baseload units.
  • Keep pressure drop from the receiver tank output to the point-of-use under 10%.
  • Use master controls to adapt to demand, perform advanced energy management, and advanced monitoring and communications.
  • Reduce system pressure. A 10 psi reduction saves 8% to 10% in energy consumption.
  • Use compressor heat recovery to reduce space or water heating costs.

The LADWP offers incentives for energy efficiency upgrades. For more information visit the LADWP Custom Performance Program website. If you have any questions, please email custom@ladwp.com or call 1-213-367-3436.

  • Adjust thermostat settings during non-working hours.
  • Seal cracks around windows, doors and pipe/conduit pass throughs.
  • Practice preventive maintenance to save energy and avoid frequent system breakdowns.
  • Replace older air conditioning units with energy-efficient models and save 30% or more.
  • Add or ensure proper operation of economizers to pull in cool outside air.
  • Use infrared heaters in high-bay and loading dock areas.

To see if your business qualifies for free AC maintenance services, please visit the LADWP AC Optimization Program website. If you have questions, please email acopt@ladwp.com or call 1-855-665-9469.

  • Install indoor lighting with an 80+ CRI color quality rating.
  • Replace fluorescent lamps with LEDs and save 30% or more.
  • Use high illumination levels and high color temperature (4000K or higher) for manufacturing areas.
  • Use lower illumination levels and lower color temperature (less than 3000K) for offices and lobbies.
  • Take advantage of natural light with skylights.
  • Install occupancy sensors in restrooms, storage areas and meeting rooms.

To see if your business qualifies for free energy efficiency upgrades visit the Commercial Direct Install Program (CDI) website or call 1-877-714-1254.

A Case Study in Manufacturing Efficiency

A 119,000 square foot metal fabrication facility upgraded 198 high-bay metal halide light fixtures with more efficient lighting incorporating occupancy sensors. It also reduced compressed air pressure and fixed compressed air leaks. These measures reduced total energy use by roughly 17 percent for $25,000 a year in energy savings. The total cost of the project was about $47,000, resulting in a simple payback in less than two years. Additional benefits from the upgrades included reduced scrap rate, an improved work environment and increased employee safety.

Source: U.S. Department of Energy

LADWP offers many savings opportunities for businesses. For more information please visit LADWP.com or email SBS@ladwp.com.